pa-innovations offers extensive training for maintenance engineers and operators.

pa-innovations offers the possibility of comprehensive training courses for maintenance engineers as well as for operators.

The key to success in operating a plant is the necessary extensive knowledge of the maintenance engineers as well as the operators. For this reason, training courses are offered on various topics depending on the available knowledge and tasks of the customer’s personnel:

  • Basic knowledge of programming
  • Plant specific relations to automation configuration
  • Structure of the application software
  • Fault diagnosis and fault analysis
  • Operating and controlling the mill
  • Basics of the used automation hardware (exchange of hardware etc.)

Even without a concrete project, customers use the know-how of pa-innovations to gain fundamental knowledge from the perspective of an automation engineer. In such courses e.g. basic knowledge of the deformation in the roll gap, basic effects of actuators, the interaction of several roll stands regarding mass flow etc. are imparted.

For this purpose courses like e.g.

  • Technological aspects of control of a hot strip mill/cold rolling mill
  • Requirements for a pass schedule calculation model of a hot strip mill/cold rolling mill

can be offered.

More Solutions

Hot rolling mills

Supply of automation systems for plate mills, hot strip mills, Steckel mills.

Cold rolling mills

Supply of automation systems for tandem mills, cold reversing mills, skin pass mills.

Processing lines

Supply of automation systems for galvanizing lines, pickling lines, continuous annealing lines, inspection lines, shears.


pa-innovations supports upgrades for various systems.


The software we create is subject to careful testing procedures.

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