pa-innovations supports upgrades for various systems

  • Upgrades of VANTAGE Systems

VANTAGE systems for VAI technological controls such as thickness control, flatness control in rolling mills were realized in the 90s on multibus systems and later after the turn of the millennium on VME-Bus systems. pa-innovations offers a solution for porting the entire application software to state-of-the-art embedded computer systems. The application software with all its parameters can be transferred 100%, so there is practically no start-up time and no loss of performance immediately after switching to the new system. Embedded computer systems from SMS-Group are used.

  • Upgrades of DEC Alpha Level 2 systems

With the increasing use of Windows-based operating systems, DEC computer/VMS operating systems have been replaced. In order to be able to continue using application software despite obsolete hardware, pa-innovations offers the possibility of virtualizing VMS operating systems on Windows servers, or, if possible, porting application software to a Windows-based operating system.

  • Upgrades of Siemens Simatic controllers (S5, S7, Simadyn D, Simatic TDC)

The development-tools of Simatic controllers and the hardware used are also subject to constant further development.
pa-innovations has carried out a number of upgrades of S7 (PCS7), Simadyn D, Simatic TDC systems and can therefore rely on a profound knowledge with regard to a smooth upgrade process.

More Solutions

Hot rolling mills

Supply of automation systems for plate mills, hot strip mills, Steckel mills.

Cold rolling mills

Supply of automation systems for tandem mills, cold reversing mills, skin pass mills.

Processing lines

Supply of automation systems for galvanizing lines, pickling lines, continuous annealing lines, inspection lines, shears.


The software we create is subject to careful testing procedures.


pa-innovations offers extensive training for the maintenance engineers and operators.

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